Work Experience > Teaching

Teaching Assistant, Florida State University

EDP5216: Theories of Learning and Cognition in Instruction (2010)
EME6403: Designing for Online Collaborative Learning (online course) (2007-2008)
EDP5216: Learning Theories & Cognition (online course) (2007-2008)

Instructor, Florida State University

FOL3930: Intermediate Hebrew II (2005-2006)
HBR2200-01: Intermediate Modern Hebrew (2005-2006)

Instructor, the Department of Computer Sciences, the Open University, Israel

Computer Networks (2003-2004)
Algorithms (1999-2004)
Assembler (1997-1999)

Teaching Assistant, the Department of Psychology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Research Methods and Statistics (graduate level) (2002-2003)
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